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Greetings from the new JSiSE President

JSiSE President / Takanori Maesako

I feel a great sense of responsibility after being selected as the new JSiSE President following many years of active service by my predecessor, President Okamoto. I have asked Kiyoshi Nakabayashi and Yasushi Fuwa, both active members of this organization, to serve as vice-presidents.
The Japanese Society for Information and Systems Education (JSiSE) succeeds the Society of CAI in Japan which was started in 1974. JSiSE is an academic society concerned with educational information technology systems. However, society members' areas of expertise have diversified and grown along with advancements in technology and teaching methods and the society has grown along with them. JSiSE also has strong ties to industry, making sensitive to changes in society. During Japan's 3/11 disasters, a large number of educational institutions suffered communication blackouts and conditions that disrupted the ability to carry out classes. However, through the effort of many society members and related organizations, research and practice regarding the construction of e-learning networks and educational technology practices in times of emergency has been advancing.
JSiSE has regular workshops, events around the country where student research can be presented, and an annual national conference held in the summer. Chapters also hold their own meetings, workshops, and study groups. New chapters are being established in areas not covered by existing chapters. JSiSE also publishes a society newsletter and academic journals in English and Japanese.
During this time of unprecedented environmental change, we hope to make this an organization where younger members can actively participate so I ask the chairman, members of the board of trustees, the auditor, committee members, chapter members, and all regular members to help facilitate this goal. I'd also like to invite anyone with similar interests as our society to become a member and work together toward our goals.