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Major Activities

JSiSE supports academic research and exchange of opinions on the use of the information and communication technology in education, and strives to promote the use of information and communication technology in education.
This society is registered as an academic research association with the Science Council of Japan.

Our major activities are:

Holding Lectures, Workshops and Forums.

  • We hold 6 workshops each year, the themes related to topical issues.
  • Lectures or symposiums on e-learning or CSCL etc held under the auspices of a special committee.
  • We hold international conferences, seminars and symposiums on global themes

Organizing Research Conferences - National Convention.

We hold an annual national convention which includes delivering research papers as well as our annual general meeting.

Survey, Research and Collection of related materials.

Conducting surveys about the use of computers in education (domestically and internationally) and collecting related information.

Publishing Journals.

The research articles received from the members are reviewed by referees and papers accepted published in our journal.

  • Journal in Japanese Published 4 times a year
  • Journal in English Published once a year

Issue of Newsletters.

Newsletters with news and information on the society circulated 6 times a year.

Other Activities.

  • Plan to introduce an award for important research achievements and establish partnerships with related organizations.
  • We are in the process of compiling a database of member research articles.
  • Through our website we are communicating our activities internationally.